You must have wondered what ever happened to AAIW…

Our joint effort has been in slow motion since late summer of last year, but we are excited to share with you that we are back and our impact will be greater than it ever could have been.

Here’s the latest…

  1. Advancing AI Wisconsin is now an incorporated entity. We are a registered Not for Profit and will be applying for 501(c)(3) status in short order.
  2. We have a Board of Directors with the following members: Brent Leland (chair), Joe Bashta (vice chair), Mark Schanen (Treasurer), Chris Carpenter (Secretary), Oliver Buechse (Executive Director), Kurt Hahlbeck, Mike Semmann, Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal, Luis Murgas, Troy Streckenbach, Brian Schauf
  3. Oliver Buechse has accepted the role as interim Executive Director for the next six month. He will spend a significant amount of time on building our infrastructure, reactivate the community, and create a compelling value proposition to the audiences we are looking to reach

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We want you to get engaged again!

To get started and learn the latest about our plans for 2019, review the presentation. You will learn about our educational focus and how we will bring it to life.

View the 2019 Reactivation Presentation After

After you’ve reviewed the presentation, tell us about how you’d like to be involved. Coming together and learning with and from each other has always been the cornerstone of AAIW and we want to bring that element back as soon as possible.

Please take the survey below at your earliest convenience (10 questions, should not take you more than 5 minutes).

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What’s next?

We have ambitious goals and will need funding to achieve them

  • The Board is working on a comprehensive fundraising strategy and we will follow up with more detail in a few weeks.
  • We are creating an individual supporter level (exact contribution level will be set at next Board meeting) and are hoping that many of you will consider taking advantage of the benefits that come with it.
  • We will create various opportunities for organizations to donate, sponsor, and support AAIW and would love to hear from you if you believe you can build a bridge to an organization and make an introduction.

We will launch a new website soon

  • We have secured the domain and will transition our web presence to that domain
  • The new website will explain our new approach and the many benefits available through AAIW
  • It will also be the gateway to our premium content behind a log-in with tools for our teams, content sharing, event management, and more

What to expect next

  • Please participate in the survey and indicate your preferences
  • We will hold a series of regional events to bring the community feel back while avoiding long travel in winter
  • We will bring to life a number of new teams and will look for team leaders to help get them off the ground
  • Our newsletter will come back to life and bring you more detail on a regular basis

Thank you for having been part of the AAIW journey so far. We are excited about this new chapter and hope you will be as well.
Stay tuned

Brent Leland, Chair
Oliver Buechse, Executive Director

If you are a Facebook user, head over to our Advancing AI Wisconsin page to learn about how disruptive technologies are changing the way people live and work in Wisconsin. You can also follow us on Twitter and join more in-depth conversations by joining our LinkedIn group.

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We are a grassroots organization looking for more volunteers. Drop us a line at to learn more.

If you represent an organization, ask us about sponsorship opportunities.