Katie Lowell (OneDayOne Marketing) – Director Social Media and PR

Katie lives to ‘always challenge the old ways’ and prove the value and impact that Marketing should have on organizations. Katie’s experience for the past 15 years has been driving change in what was a traditional marketing and business development function.  Katie drove the transformation of a Marketing function that lead with customer insights through Design Thinking and increased execution effectiveness with Agile. Those efforts drove over 200% growth in demand over 4 years and influenced an estimated 30% of sales in the company that sold through independent distribution and long sales cycles. This ultimately lead her having the responsibility of driving the organization’s Innovation efforts.

Katie has since left her corporate life to start her own business with two partners to take their methodologies of leading with Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Marketing to help other companies drive growth through the entire funnel. At OneDayOne, they are obsessed with the metrics and building a foundation for businesses that is scalable, repeatable, and predictable.

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