How Our Community Works

We are reactivating the AAIW Community in 2019 with a few changes.

Regional Teams

Building a Community has always been at the heart of AAIW. We have learned from and with each other, but we also recognized that coming together over great distances is difficult. We are now organizing in regional teams to bring back the sense of community without the logistical challenge. We will collaborate with other existing groups on potentially joining forces. We are hoping to build regional teams across the State, but will start with Northeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Madison with kick-off meetings in late March.

Action Teams

We organize around shared passions and across regions in action teams. These teams help build our capabilities or focus on specific sectors of the economy. Our initial sector teams will be (1) Higher Education, (2) Workforce Development, (3) Manufacturing, (4) Financial/ Professional Services (5) Agriculture and Food, (6) Health, and (7) Government/Public Sector.

Ambassador Circle

We have met many in the State who are supportive of our cause, but do not have the time to become engaged in one of our teams. We value the advocacy of our supporters and the connections they can bring to AAIW. We are looking to our Ambassadors to make introductions to Companies and Business Leaders, Educational Institutions, Chambers or Trade Organizations, or other Key Influencers. The Ambassador Circle will be an opportunity for these individuals to be in the flow of information and be involved in a way that meets their availability and preferences. Ambassadors will receive communication from the Board and Executive Director. There will be no Ambassador Circle meetings, but the Ambassadors are always welcome in the Regional Teams.

Is there a Cost to joining AAIW?

Being a member of our Community is free of charge. You can get the benefits of networking and contributing to a cause. There is however a cost to accessing our educational premium content. The cost for an individual supporter of AAIW will be $99 per year, higher voluntary contributions can be made but are not expected. The additional benefits of this level are full access to all educational content of AAIW for personal education (not for commercial use) and full visibility of the Community Directory of Advancing AI Wisconsin. Individual supporters also receive 50% discounts to all AAIW curated events (excludes events in which we are not the organizer).

How is AAIW funding itself?

We are offering our educational premium content not only to individual supporters, but also to organizations at a higher rate. Organizations benefit by gaining access to well curated content tailored to business audiences. This allows leadership teams to accelerate their learning journey and improve their awareness and readiness, but it also allows for the creation of employee education programs. If you would like to learn more about these programs, please contact our Executive Director Oliver Buechse (

To learn more about AAIW download this document

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