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How might an organization get started with Artificial Intelligence projects?

(contributed by Kathy Henrich)

Artificial Intelligence projects must be integrated with the business strategy and built on data. Data may come in the form of structured, unstructured or dark data which was previously unreadable by computers. Increasingly, data comes from a combination of internal sources, public data, or partner data. For example, Linkedin data is vital in HR applications; weather data is often critical in risk planning and in understanding consumer behavior; Twitter provides valuable insights on trends. When combined with internal data, external data can create valuable insights which help companies increase revenues or reduce risks.

Clients must also consider how to implement artificial intelligence tool sets to gain insights from that data and integrate the knowledge gained into ongoing operational processes. The task of leveraging the technology may seem daunting.   Few companies have data scientists on staff and the skills are difficult to find.    However, companies have multiple options to gain advantage from artificial intelligence.

Traditional algorithm building

This may be best suited for large organizations or for unique applications which will create significant differentiation. One example would be military applications.

Pre-built algorithms on the cloud which can be leveraged

Some examples are text to speech and speech to text applications from IBM, Google, and Microsoft via public cloud. Tone analysis and personality analysis are other good examples.

Prepackaged applications with integrated AI capabilities SAP,, BMC, and others are integrating AI capabilities into their applications.   Therefore, the algorithms to improve efficiency or gain new insights are embedded into the software.   The differentiated value will be gained by the organization based on the creativity of applying those algorithms to their business and the accessibility of data.

Service Provider Utilization

More and more service providers are integrating artificial intelligence to gain efficiencies.  For example, IBM, as a technology service provider, has leveraged their history to automate handling of IT tickets. Human resources and recruiting outsourcers can gain differentiation in the marketplace by providing efficiencies to their clients.

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