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Most business leaders in Wisconsin are in an early stage of awareness, but are uncertain about how the Great Transformation will impact them, when it will impact them and whether the time has already come to get ready. At Advancing AI Wisconsin, we are not in the consulting business (albeit many of our community members are).

Our goal is to help you as individuals, business leaders, educational leaders, legislators or government officials get started on your journey of answering the questions above. We therefore believe that the critical first step is education.

Here are a few ways in which you can start your journey

  • Start reading about new technologies. There is an abundance of resources available on the web. One of my favorite sources is YouTube where you can find content tailored to your level of understanding. If you lack the time to search and research on your own, utilize our knowledge resources as a shortcut.
  • Attend events about AI or other disruptive technologies to get an initial orientation. We are referencing many events in our calendar even if they are not curated by AAIW. Some events are free, others cost thousands of dollars to attend. Our goal is to create more affordable choices right here in the State.
  • Bring the topic back into your organization. This is where we can help. From an initial overview presentation to in-depth seminars on specific technology aspects, we are specializing in helping you close the awareness gap. See our section on Educational Programs.
  • Identify and develop champions of change in your organizations. It is not realistic to expect that dozens of leaders within a single company will spend days or weeks in learning about these new technologies. But someone in your organization should. Connecting these champions with AAIW is a great way of gaining access to diverse resources in the State and learning more about what can be done.

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