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Get Involved

Opportunities to become involved

If after reading through this website you are feeling less certain about the future, but more certain that something needs to be done – welcome to the club.  Individually, we are not experts or masters, but collectively we can make a difference.  We have an open-door policy and welcome all who are willing to contribute.

Signal your support

Allow us to use your name, business name, organization’s name, etc. on our website and position paper to illustrate the increasing breadth of support we are garnering.  There is no monetary obligation that goes along with this.

Make introductions

Feel free to share this website as you tell others about this initiative.  We love connecting with others who are already working on this or related topics, who have been considering working on it, but did not know where to start, or who are hearing about this for the first time, but have the opportunity to involve others in their company, organization, trade association, or region.

Join one of our dedicated teams

We meet approximately every two weeks, rotating to different locations in Wisconsin to involve local stakeholders.  You can also join our meetings remotely.  Please contact one of the team leaders for additional information.

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