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Since the formation of AAIW as a grassroots movement, we have shared knowledge with others through presentations and some written materials.

However, drawing attention to the dynamics of the Great Transformation via a Keynote or breakout presentation is – for most business leaders – no more than an appetizer. It is difficult to take those insights back into the company in a tangible way. Often only a subset of the leadership team will have heard the presentation, so there is no common language. It may also be overwhelming to figure out exactly how to go about the next steps.

At AAIW we believe that an essential step in preparing leadership teams is a deeper engagement with the technologies and their applications. Covering even one technology in depth may take an hour or more, so this goal cannot be achieved in summarized presentations.

To address this challenge we are creating specific educational programming for business audiences. These programs can be delivered to leadership teams or employees within a single company or they can address mixed audiences.

Which programs are currently available?

We held our first class “Understanding AI Like Never Before” on February 28th in Green Bay, sponsored by Camera Corner Connecting Point, and it was very well received. Below are some of the seminars that are currently available or under development.

Understanding AI Like Never Before

Artificial Intelligence is a term for a family of disruptive technologies which will have the greatest influence on how we will live our lives and perform our jobs in the future. In fact, it may change entirely which jobs we will perform and how business will be conducted going forward. This seminar will lift the mystery on what exactly Artificial Intelligence is and allow the participants to not only understand its nature and impact, illustrated in a wide range of use cases, but enable them to explain it to others in simple terms and with powerful examples.
90 minutes plus Q&A, currently available

From Toys and Tools to the Fabric of our Lives – How Robots are Evolving

Historically there has been a great divide between the use of robots in real life and the illustration of robots in Science Fiction movies where they are often indispensable companions to humans. This divide is beginning to close as robots are advancing rapidly in mobility, flexibility of movement, and the ability to communicate (powered by AI). In this seminar we will explore the inevitable evolution of the use of physical and virtual robots in arenas as diverse as manufacturing, service industries, knowledge management, elder care, education, and home security. We will also examine the implications of these trends for social structures and the concept of privacy.
90 minutes plus Q&A, available May 2019

Welcome to a New Reality – An introduction to Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities

Many of us enjoy the temporary escape from real life into a movie or video game. We are also learning to consume digital content in new ways – via computers, laptops, tablets, phones, or other devices. But for the most part, we are still clearly distinguishing between our “live reality” and that presented to us in digital formats. Going forward, these boundaries will increasingly blur. Information will be provided to us “superimposed” onto our perception of reality and we the quality of digital experiences will become so life-like that distinctions will be harder to make. In this seminar we will explore the various formats in which these new realities are being brought to us and how they can help us become more productive and enrich our lives. But we will also look at the risks that are implied especially for the young and vulnerable.
90 minutes plus Q&A, available April 2019

Shaping Customer Engagement and Experiences in a Digital Future

A conversation with a real person, a smile, a handshake – we can recognize the elements of true engagement and providing a great customer experience based on these real world indicators. But the future of customer engagement is much more complex and may see an accelerating shift into digital formats of interaction. From tools which empower the human interaction to digital dialogue between human and machine – the rules are changing. We may even see machines serving machines on behalf of humans. In this seminar we explore key technologies which enable the digital interaction and examine the consequences of these shifts for us as consumers and for businesses as providers of customer experiences.
90 minutes plus Q&A, available May 2019

Bitcoin vs. Organic Tomato – The Promises and Challenges of Blockchain

Blockchain is a frequently discussed topic, but it is not one that is easy to understand. This seminar will remove this issue by establishing a solid foundation of knowledge. We will start by looking at the original concept of blockchain in the context of facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. We will examine the four promises of Trust, Transparency, Security and Efficiency and how they were being achieved. When Blockchain is applied to other use cases, for example to Trade Finance or Supply Chain solutions, a few challenges related to the technology need to be understood. We will explore these challenges and also look at technology evolutions, both within the Blockchain family and select alternative Distributed Ledger options.
90 minutes plus Q&A, available May 2019

Why source this content from AAIW?

Advancing AI Wisconsin has built a network of resources – including technology experts, educators, business leaders, consultants – and is developing the knowledge inventory which will include technology primers on all key technologies referenced in the Gartner Hype Cycle and beyond and a “Library of 1000 Use Cases” as we have found that these use cases really bring the understanding of technology to life for our audiences. We are drawing on this inventory to curate industry, audience and topic specific seminars and presentations.

Generating and maintaining such an inventory is a never ending task. Any institution or organization looking to accomplish this task will have to dedicate significant resources as the information is evolving very quickly. AAIW can be a capable partner to businesses and even educational institutions in sourcing this content.

In addition to providing access to an up-to-date knowledge base, AAIW can supply expert presenters and facilitators to deliver the content. This can be a temporary solution until an organization is able to deliver the content on its own.

How to gain access to this content?

If you are looking to advance your personal learning journey, you can become an individual supporter of AAIW for $99/year.

If you are representing an organization: Our goal is to build partnerships with businesses and educational institutions rather than deliver one-off presentations. To learn more about the various partnership models, please contact AAIW Executive Director Oliver Buechse (

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