Our core activities and supporting team members

Advancing AI Wisconsin is currently pursuing several core activities and we have organized our resources around these activities.  To become in involved, please contact the indicated leaders below.

Creation of an AI Awareness Portal

With the generous support of Aurora WDC, a competitive intelligence provider based in Madison WI, serving many of the Fortune 100 and other companies with intelligence related needs, and their First Light Technology platform, we are working on the availability of an information portal.  Through this gateway, anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence will be able to access the most recent and most relevant content, organizable by industries, technology aspects, or type of impact.  The portal can be configured at the level of 1 and draws on thousands of public and non-public resources.  It will be the first truly configurable AI portal of its kind with a specific initial emphasis on topics relevant to the State of Wisconsin.  All teams are open to new team members joining and contributing.

Portal Build, Configuration, Operational and Editorial Team

Kurt Hahlbeck (Hugo Enterprises): kurt@hugoenterprise.biz
Arik Johnson (Aurora WDC): arik.johnson@aurorawdc.com
Todd Nilson (Clocktower Advisors): todd@clocktoweradvisors.com
Tony Puerto (DSX) contact: fpuerto@dsx.com
Chad Bianchi (Associated Bank)
Damani Short (Lexico)

The Digital County Symposium Series

We will examine how AI, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain are potentially enabling Counties to improve the services they provide to constituents and support their role in Business Development.  With this effort Wisconsin’s County Executives and Administrators can demonstrate a proactive posture in embracing innovation and setting the tone for others to follow.  To initiate creative thinking and truly reimagine the “Digital County” of tomorrow, we will work with a diverse set of students in a Hackathon format.  The best ideas from these sessions will become the use cases around which we will engage County leaders, Community stakeholders, Technology providers, and AI/Blockchain/IOT experts.


Oliver Buechse (My Strategy Source): oliver@mystrategysource.com
Troy Streckenbach (Brown County)
Paul Farrow (Waukesha County)
Chris Abele (Milwaukee County)
Jerry Deschane (League of Wisconsin Municipalities)
Heather Sullivan (Marquette University)
Joe Poeschl (The Commons)
Laura Schmidt (New Berlin School District)
seeking additional team collaborators

Democratization of Digital Disruption

While large companies have often already launched their own efforts to adopt or even develop AI based solutions, midsized and smaller players have more limited opportunities to get into the game.  Starting with the Arena of Banking, we will work with industry solutions providers, general technology providers, and start-up technology companies to initiate the dialogue with the smaller players and jointly explore how access to the benefits of these new technologies can be created.


Oliver Buechse (My Strategy Source): oliver@mystategysource.com
Mike Semmann (Wisconsin Bankers Association)
Tony Puerto (DSX), Ken Kortas (Wipfli)
seeking additional team collaborators

Workforce and Talent Pipeline Team

The various technologies all impact current and future workforce needs.  At our last meeting we constituted a new team to begin building a resource coalition around the topic of workforce impact and response options.  This team will reach out to the Educational Sector and beyond.


Laura Schmidt (New Berlin School District): laura.schmidt@nbexcellence.org
Kathy Henrich: kshenrich@att.net
seeking additional team collaborators

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