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Advancing AI Wisconsin is offering educational programming for various audiences (see that section for details). We are not the ultimate experts on all things disruptive technology, but we have learned how to listen, learn, and how to explain these technologies to those who may be just at the starting point of their learning journey or those who need a common language to discuss the implications, like leadership teams.

We are developing technology primers, a library of 1000 use cases, and a series of seminars and other presentations. One important source of this knowledge are the members of our community. If you have a specific expertise or passion for a certain technology or topic, please contact us and let us know about it.

We are working in small “curation teams” on these knowledge elements and if you are a part of one of these teams your contribution will be acknowledged. As companies access this content, they sometimes request a presenter to speak to the leadership team or a group of employees. We also get presentation requests from chambers, trade organizations, or other groups who cater to diverse audiences. As a contributor to our knowledge inventory you will be eligible to qualify as a presenter. We compensate our presenters for this activity. Please contact us to learn more if you are interested in becoming a contributor and presenter.

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