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Advancing AI Wisconsin is a grassroots initiative to increase awareness of a set of technologies often referred to as “Digital Disruption Technologies” and their impact on Wisconsin businesses, workforce needs, educational programming, and the State overall.

The most recognizable technology category which impacts all others in some form is Artificial Intelligence (AI), hence the choice of name for our initiative: Advancing AI Wisconsin.  It also indicates that our initiative aims to do more than just create awareness.  We want to set in motion a positive dynamic regarding the adoption of AI (and other technologies) and the management of their impact.

Advancing AI Wisconsin was founded in March 2017 by Oliver Buechse (Founder of My Strategy Source and former Chief Strategy Officer of Associated Bank), Kurt Hahlbeck (Founder of Hugo Enterprise), Mike Semmann (COO of the Wisconsin Banker’s Association), and Chizom Ekpunobi (MBA Graduate and Entrepreneur) and has since grown as a grassroots collaborative with continuously increasing participation, reach, and awareness.

Our Mission

We enable Wisconsin stakeholders to successfully adapt to the imminent impact of Artificial Intelligence and other Digital Disruption Technologies in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Our Vision

By the end of 2017, we will create meaningful momentum in discussions and collaboration among and between Wisconsin business and technology leaders, educators, policy makers, and economic development professionals on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and other Digital Disruption Technologies.

Success Criteria

Creation of a comprehensive inventory of AI and Digital Disruption related content…

  • accessible through a public resource portal

  • showcased in a series of statewide events and discussion forums

  • in collaboration with all stakeholder groups

  • resulting in individual and collaborative planning and action to better position Wisconsin for the impact of AI and Digital Disruption in general

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