Who We Are

Advancing AI Wisconsin is a grassroots initiative to increase awareness of a set of technologies often referred to as “Digital Disruption Technologies” and their impact on Wisconsin businesses, workforce needs, educational programming and the State overall.

The most recognizable technology category which impacts all others in some form is Artificial Intelligence (AI), hence the choice of name for our initiative: Advancing AI Wisconsin. It also indicates that our initiative aims to do more than just create awareness. We want to set in motion a positive dynamic regarding the adoption of AI (and other technologies) and the management of their impact.

Advancing AI Wisconsin was founded as a grassroots volunteer initiative in March 2017 by Oliver Buechse (Founder of My Strategy Source and former Chief Strategy Officer of Associated Bank), Kurt Hahlbeck (Founder of Hugo Enterprise), Mike Semmann (COO of the Wisconsin Banker’s Association), and Chizom Ekpunobi (MBA Graduate and Entrepreneur). In January 2019 we incorporated AAIW with the goal of becoming a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit organization. See the “Our team” section for current Board members and roles.

Our Mission (2019 update)

We make sure that Wisconsin is not left behind in the wave of technological changes of the Great Transformation

Our Vision (2019 update)

We build a powerful community of the capable and willing to help educate Wisconsin audiences on the nature and impact of upcoming technological change. We create access to relevant knowledge in a variety of learning formats. We engage diverse audiences in all regions of the State to improve awareness and increase the readiness to prepare for change.

How we will do it

  • Build a community of the willing and capable, organized in regional teams, action teams and an ambassador circle
  • Develop easy to access and easy to share knowledge materials, speaking engagements, classes/training
  • High impact events to create connectivity around digital disruption between experts and key stakeholder

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